Google is winning and you don’t have to search very far to find out why, says Fast Company writer Frahad Manjoo. In a world of the tech giants – battling against the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Apple – Google has the edge, not because it is winning on every front, it’s not: Apple is more profitable, Facebook has a larger social media platform and Amazon has more shoppers, but Google has one key thing it’s opponents don’t – a clearly articulated long term strategy and plan to win on three time horizons: Today, next year and the far off future.

In a short period under Larry Page’s leadership Google has benefited from the recognition that in order to be successful in a turbulent fast changing world, a business needs a handle on the immediate, near and far future, let’s call it a strategy roadmap with linkages. Long before the collapse of Lehman Brother, in September 2008, TomorrowToday has been using models like our TIDES of Change, to help senior leaders understand and articulate strategies for these three time horizons.

As a future focused company Google understands the importance of being in charge of its future by fighting the tech war on all three fronts with strategies that forge a route forward. For the “today”, Googles Android OS is now in 70% of smartphones sold, driving mobile ad revenue and enhancing a growing understanding of mobile internet behaviour.  For the  “tomorrow” Google is focusing its data-driven capabilities supported by deep learning – layers of algorithmically mined personal data, Google Now (a predictive personal assistant), Voice Search and Google Maps to turn up the pressure on rivals. For the “future” Google has a portfolio of exciting disruptive innovations, each one having the potential to radically transform society and business. These projects include:  Glass, Self-driving cars, fibre optic networks and an omniscient digital concierge. Not all of these big bet initiatives will materialise, but each one of them have the potential to radically transform how we live, work and play and thereby place Google centre stage in our lives.

Google has these three time horizon strategies aced, do you? Contact one of our team and we’ll talk you through how to develop a cohesive strategy that cover the today and the tomorrows.




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