Our team is remarkably privileged to travel all around the world, working with hundreds of interesting clients every year. We obviously learn a lot as we do this, and insights into the changing world come thick and fast. We’ve decided to try and capture these insights in short videos which we’re calling ‘Signposts’. These will not be professional, studio videos, but rather will be taken on our phones, rough cut edited, and uploaded to our YouTube channel as and when inspiration hits.

The channel is now up and running, with a brief introductory video, followed by Keith Coats talking about an Abraham Lincoln quote and how it is still relevant to ‘the stormy present’. I’ve just uploaded a video of my new 3d printer, which I bought this past week for use in my home.

Head over to the YouTube channel, TTSignPosts and subscribe to make sure you’re notified whenever we add a new video. Also leave a message either here as a comment or on the YouTube channel if you have any requests for specific video topics.

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