I am often asked what I do? Partly because some people don’t understand the digital world they way I do and partly because I tend to get involved in many different aspects of the digital community. So I thought it would be worthwhile explaining what I do at TomorrowToday and how you can benefit as a TomorrowToday client.

I am an entrepreneur and digital business expert. I have spent most of my professional career helping people build digital businesses, create online customer experiences and build my own Digital Marketing Agency.

Digital Business ConsultantThe work I am passionate about is helping marketers and business leaders learn how they can compete in a digital world. This has lead me into almost every aspect of Digital, from social media to mobile marketing and consulting on e-commerce businesses. I have been privileged to work for many great companies and have even been asked to share my experiences around the world.

My work over the past few years has lead to the conclusion that two fundamental disruptive forces have impacted business now that we live in a digital world.

Our customers have changed

Consumers have changed with the power of the internet now at their disposal. They have become more vocal, more savvy about price and demanding with the quality of products. Customers in developing markets are very different from developing market consumers and yet they both live lives that are intertwined with a digital layer.

I use two frameworks to help business understand the changes in their customers.

1) Digital Life

This framework presents a new way to segment our market to understand their digital association. This helps us to design services, experiences and products that meet everyone in the right way. Regardless of how technologically savvy they are.

To find out more about this presentation you can visit my Digital Life page

2) Fundamental Marketing Strategies

I am constantly looking at tried and tested marketing strategies that are sustainable and  robust. I speak a bit about these strategies here and I am able to run workshops, presentations and strategy sessions with marketing teams to help them develop a robust and sustainable marketing strategy.

Our competitive advantage has moved

In order to stay ahead of the competition business needs to embrace the digital world and reinvent their business operations, service delivering, product design, marketing and HR principles. The digital world we are living in is forcing business to change, however if business can change with a clear directive of the values of a social and digital culture, they will gain considerable competitive advantage.

To help businesses confront these challenge’s I have designed a few presentations that can be used in conferences or leadership development programmes. Each presentation can be run as a facilitated workshop or a consulting series.

Future of Mobile

This presentation is the culmination of two years of discussions with industry sectors alongside Vodafone. In this presentation we will outline three primary strategic concerns about mobile. Firstly “the internet of things” and how mobile is making it easier for machines to communicate to each other. Secondly “social disruption” and how mobile has made the internet a more social place. Lastly we will dive into infrastructure challenges and look into successful deployments of mobile services over different infrastructures around the globe.

Through out the presentation we discuss a wide variety of technology including; wearable tech, mobile operating system usage, mobile money, social media and cloud technology.

Social Media and the Leadership Agenda

This presentation dives into the important shifts for business leaders to understand about social media. The presentation provides case study’s and real life examples of social media being used externally and internally to improve business objectives.

Learn how social media impacts marketing, HR, training, collaboration, project management, internal communication, sales and many more aspects of your business. In many cases these changes have already taken place without asking. The challenge is that they may be happening in public instead of private forums.

We will look into the impact of customers owning a new voice online, director liability, thinking objectively, avoiding the competitive blind spots and how social media opens the door to high growth markets like Africa and India.

The primary output of this presentation is gaining a good understanding of the what business leaders need to be doing in order to leverage social media in their organisation. In other words – What should be on your leadership agenda?

Social Reinvention

A presentation that looks into how business can reinvent its products, systems and processes to successfully transition to a new world of social technology and social media.

Social Reinvention looks at both international and South African business and how social technology disrupts B2C, B2B and employee communications, business processes like CRM, recruitment and training, geographic targeting and business networking.

This presentation takes an entertaining and informative look at a number of the world’s greatest businesses as they begin to navigate the world of social technology in business.

Social Business

Social media changed the way consumers communicate, in the same way our employees are changing their communication preferences, our customers are expecting more social engagement and our systems are not geared up for this shift in business.

Social business is a business model that applies social media principles to achieve a variety of business outcomes that will help you build a competitive edge in your industry.

One of the greatest benefits in adopting a social business model is becoming a more agile enterprise. Here is a list of a few key benefits in social business:

  1. Help large enterprises make quicker and better decisions
  2. Create a higher level of marketplace sensitivity to consumer shifts taking place around your brand, product or services
  3. Manage internal knowledge more effectively by applying analytics to help the right information rise to the surface in your organisation
  4. Improve business potential to leverage human capital in the organisation more effectively
  5. Designing better collaboration models to improve product design and other collaborative outcomes
  6. Retain Generation Y employees by adopting familiar communication styles
  7. Becoming more mobile as an organisation to enable better work/life balance for employees

At the end of this presentation your team should leave with a good understanding of the social business principles and the benefits for their business.

How can I help?

I hope this outline gives you a good understanding of what I do and how I can help your business. Please contact TomorrowToday for any customisations you may need to fit your business and conference agenda. If you’d like to connect with me you can through LinkedIn or Twitter if you like. I look forward to working with you in the future.

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