I am sitting at a conference in Dubai, listening to one of Intel’s top guys in the Middle East talking about technology disruptors that Intel expects to see in the next few years. He is listing five “technology-led tectonic shifts”:

  1. Big data becomes useful (my addition: and integrates cloud computing, the internet of things and massive data processing power – I don’t think these are separate trends, see below). The key is making sense of the data.
  2. Cloud computing that is open, federated, automated and client aware
  3. The Internet of Things
  4. The client continuum – from device centric to user centric computing. The device dies, and the interface becomes more intuitive and pre-emptive, including .
  5. Security – 5 million new malicious websites are launched every month, and the malware ‘industry’ is worth double as much as the global drug trade.

By the way, it costs less to build one intel processor than to grow one grain of rice.

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