We’ve had a month of many of our team, plus some fun and friendly external contributors, joining in on our TomorrowToday Photo A Day project, and I thought I’d share some of the photos from the past month with you, just in case you aren’t following #TmTdPhoto on Instagram, or you haven’t seen the updates on our Facebook page.

Photos have included images from various countries around the world where our presenters have been connecting with clients, photos of our virtual offices, the streets we live in, our families, reading material, a few creative pics and generally some visual insights into the daily lives of the TomorrowToday team (and those that join in on some daily creativity).

Favourites collage

















We would love you to join us for the next month of a photo a day – either by contributing some of your own photos via Instagram using the hashtag #TmTdPhoto or by following us on our Facebook page where you can be updated with some visuals of what our team are up to on a daily basis.

Words for April are:









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