Not one of our normal posts today, but then again TomorrowToday isn’t always about the norm are we 🙂

The TomorrowToday team invite YOU to join us on our photo a day challenge. By no means is ‘a photo a day’ a new idea, but we like it and would love to bring it into our business environment.

Apart from the benefits of adding some creativity into our daily lives, our team are travelling extensively at the moment; and working on some really exciting projects. Together with the virtual nature of the TomorowToday team, we think this will also be a great way to connect with each other, and hopefully also give those who join us some insights into the nitty gritty of what we do on a daily basis, and get to see what rocks your world as well…

How it works 

  1. You need an iPhone or Android phone, or any camera really, but the phones make it a whole lot easier!
  2. You need an Instagram account (sign up here for free)
  3. You need to keep track of the daily words (sign up to receive them by email here daily, or follow us on Twitter for an 7am reminder, or save the image below to your computer!)
  4. Take daily photos using the word prompt, be as creative as you want to be, and upload to Instagram using  #TmTdPhoto as a hashtag. Feel free to post to Twitter, also using #TmTdPhoto as your hashtag
  5. We’ll be sharing the best photos as we go along and I’m really hoping to get a great feel of days in the life of  people across the different generations and work environments. (Boomers – that means your first step is to find a Gen Y or Gen X in the office near you and ask them to show you Instagram on your phone!)

Join in the fun – capture special moments that happen every day, share them with our community and yours and let’s see where this creativity takes us.

Please follow us on Instagram so that we can follow you back, and shout if you have any questions!



TomorrowToday Global