In October 2012, I spoke at the ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) Annual European Convention in Rome. The topic of my 45 minute keynote presentation was “Leading in a Changing World”, and I outlined three key reasons the world is changing, and three key responses that we need to make as individual leaders.

The presentation was recorded, and ACTE have uploaded it to their YouTube channel in three parts. You can see them below or follow the links to YouTube.

For more videos of me in action, click here, or go to my own YouTube channel. This year, I am focusing a lot more on producing short video resources (4-5 minutes each), specifically capturing my insights into the disruptive changes I see in the world as I work in different countries and with multiple industries. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be alerted whenever I upload a new video resource.

You can also watch our TomorrowToday Business TV channel here. We are producing this in partnership with YourBusinessChannel, and it’s a constantly updating resource on the new world of work.

But, now, back to the Rome, and the disruptive changes facing the travel industry:

Leading in a Changing World, Part 1:

Leading in a Changing World, Part 2:

Leading in a Changing World, Part 3:

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