Forti nihil difficilius translates as “nothing is too difficult for the brave.” This is the motto of the high school I attended and as mottos go it is a pretty cool one. I’ve always liked it but I never imagined as a fresh dopey-eyed schoolboy attending a British styled public school in South Africa, just how significant these three Latin words would be. The world we live in is increasingly complex and changing daily. Today business leaders are no longer managers but rather pioneers and explorers in a sea of new technologies and global trends that are changing the world in unimaginable ways. For those excited about looking at the future two things are clear for leaders who want to take charge. Firstly, we’ve never been here before, the world has changed and there is now a new normal. There are no clear roadmaps telling leaders which way to turn. Secondly, only the brave will succeed – just continuing to do the same things as in the past is no longer be a recipe for success.

2013 is the year for a pioneering spirit, a year to experiment with new approaches, a year to be braver than ever before. In some western cultures the number thirteen is considered unlucky. This year will only be unlucky for those too afraid to be bold. Be corporate courageous and when the going gets tough remember these three words: Forti nihil difficilius.

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