In this world flooded with data and information, we need to learn to repackage information to make it useful, accessible and influential. Peter Drucker is credited with the statement that we need to be both “playful and powerful”. If what you do is merely powerful, it might be important, but it will be boring and therefore ignored. If you err by making it merely playful, then it might be interesting, but it will be trite and quickly forgotten.

At TomorrowToday, we have always strived to package our strategic insights in ways that are both powerful and playful. We use multimedia, humour and other forms of stage craft to help us achieve “powerful and playful”. This is something every communicator has to aim for these days.


This video of Graeme Codrington was recorded by our good friends at Your Business Channel as part of their ongoing work to capture the best business insights in video format. See more video at our TomorrowToday TV channel.

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