There are numerous forces changing the shape and face of business today. We call the most important ones the TIDES of Change. TIDES is an acronym standing for Technology, Institutions, Demographics, Environment and Social values. Each forces has numerous, let’s call them “icebergs” disrupting the normal flow of business and changing business models and entire industries. The thing with icebergs is on the surface they look innocuous but below the surface lies a force that can sink even the most “unsinkable business”. Take the music industry bosses for example. Their iceberg was digital music. They knew about it, had been warned about it and yet still sailed full steam into iceberg iTunes.

Another “iceberg” would be shift in demographics resulting in the emergence of  digital natives. This young generation of media and tech savvy social vanguards, is not only discovering new ways to disrupt business, but also how to invent completely new industries. Business of the future is digital, social and mobile. This generation will not wait a moment to disrupt your industry. How are you responding to this generational “iceberg”?

What are your industry’s or business’s iceberg? Contribute and let us know we are compiling a list of all forces capable of sinking today’s “unsinkable” businesses.

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