I loved Seth Godin’s post this morning, it was the validation I have craved for quite some time.  Ever since I started my own practice I have been asked “what is your elevator pitch?” to which I respond “I don’t really have one”.  And despite all of the pressure I felt to come up with an elevator pitch I never could, it always felt too vague, manufactured and inauthentic.  Why would I want an elevator pitch when I hate elevator pitches?  They typically either over promise or they are a big bore.  And I would argue that it goes even further than selling your first meeting as Seth suggests, I believe we need to rethink our intent right out of the gate.  All of my business has evolved from my focus on learning and connecting; simply by listening and connecting with others I find myself sharing stories and offering suggestions which then result in engagements.

If we shift our intent away from selling and align our intent towards exploring how we can contribute value to others then opportunities present themselves.  Today’s business climate is calling for us all to be more authentic, more human, in how we engage with our customers, employees, partners, and society.  Ironically being more human is outside the comfort zone for many but that is where all the magic happens!

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