Graeme Codrington’s award winning and best selling book, “Mind the Gap” has just been released in electronic format and is now available in Kindle and other e-pub formats.

Graeme’s publisher, Penguin, has finally completed a worldwide deal with Amazon to release all Penguin titles on Kindle and is also now releasing its full back catalogue in e-format. This has taken too long, but it’s brilliant news now that it’s finally happened. The process will probably take a few months to complete.

It’s great news for us, as all of our books are now available in 21st century formats.

‘Mind the Gap’ is Graeme’s best selling book about understanding different generations. He completed a major update and revision in November 2011, and this is the book now available in Kindle. Penguin have also priced it very well at half the price of the paperback. You can now buy it from

Our other books are also available.

‘Future-Proof Your Child’ is for parents of pre-teen children, to help them parent a wired generation of kids into a bright future. Buy it on Kindle here.

‘Navigating Your Career’ is for anyone still working or about to start working, and presents five steps to building a career in a new world of work. Buy it at Kindle here.

At last, we can feel part of the 21st century as authors.

If you’ve been waiting for the e-versions of our books, we hope you enjoy them. Looking forward to your feedback and comments.

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