Someone asked me a few days ago how many people work for me helping me answer emails and write my blogs.

I have a team of business partners, and we all work really hard and contribute to this blog and our article library. But everything that has my name on it comes directly from me.

I write every word of the entries that have my name on them on this blog (over 1,000,000 words so far). I have a team that does some research, and they’re a great help. But if something has my name on it, I wrote it.

If you see an email that’s from me, I wrote it. If you follow me on Twitter, every single entry comes directly from me. If you read my Facebook pages (my personal or business profiles), everything there is from me too.

If I recommend a book or write a blurb for one, it’s because I’ve read it and thought it was worth it. I very rarely endorse companies or other projects. And I only endorse or recommend people I know and have worked with. (PS – stop asking me for recommendations in LinkedIn if we haven’t worked together. Come on, what is that?)

We don’t take advertising on our blog or websites, and no one can pay us to endorse them. I don’t directly own private or public equity in companies I write about.

And those are my boundaries. They might not work for everyone, and I’m sure that other people and companies have other systems that work for them, but these are mine. If I am slow to respond to an email from you, or don’t respond at all to comments sent, it’s simply because I’ve made the choice to manage these myself rather than to farm out the things I love doing to someone else.

Thanks for reading. Stay connected.

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