Fire the Marketing Department! Fire the Marketing Department! Fire the Marketing Department! Not because marketing is superfluous, nor because the marketers you employ are inept  (most marketers work hard performing tasks with passion and conviction – you want to keep them). Fire the Marketing Department, or if that sounds too harsh, give your Marketing Department a golden handshake, a rolex watch for services and exceptional loyalty to the business cause. Like a great sportsperson let Marketing retire gracefully at the top or at least close to the top. The Marketing Department has worked hard and performed its role admirably in the capitalism power-play. The museum now awaits. Marketing’s time has come, the end is now.

The day of glammy advertisements and catchy slogans are long gone. The 4P’s, The 7P’s matter still but not so more.

Today’s consumer makes purchases anytime, anywhere using a multitude of applications and devices. Advances in technology, the speed of broadband and an ability to store and access huge amounts of information from anywhere are  enabling customers to interact with companies in ways previously unthought-of. Advances in mobile and smart technologies have fundamentally altering the way consumers approach buying decisions. Customers now control the relationship. They choose when, where and how they choose to engage, or not to engage. The world has changed, marketing is no more.

 The currency today is empathy, kindness, humility, support, dreams and quests combined with the brilliance of passionate people.

So Fire the Marketing Department and start the Partnering Department. (A creative marketer is sure to brainstorm a better name, but for now Partnering says what it does on the tin).



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