A few of our team are members of the World Futures Society, an association bringing together the world’s leading thinkers about future trends. One of the key resources produced by the WFS is a journal and a regular set of updates that aggregate the various scenarios for the future produced by the members. As you can imagine, it’s not possible to come up with a single agreed-upon view of the future – the member’s views of the future are as varied as their backgrounds, their fields of interest and their geographies. But when taken together, they provide a rich tapestry of insight that your team would be well advised to tap into.

The latest WFS scenarios and forecasts have now all been collected on one page and are available at http://www.wfs.org/forecasts

Of course, there are other sources of scenarios. The most famous and long standing of these sources was started by Charles Handy in the 1950s and come from Shell. Whilst being obviously energy-focused, they nevertheless provide valuable insights into possible futures and scenarios. You can see Shell’s latest global scenarios here.

Which set of scenarios and forecasts do you find really useful and/or compelling? I’d love to be pointed to them, and hear your thoughts.

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