Talking about the environment has perhaps fallen down the agenda since the Banking Crisis and Great Recession have changed many of our immediate needs and motivations somewhat.  The problems, of course, haven’t gone away and it remains vitally important for businesses to consider and anticipate the effects of both physical changes to the planet and its resources, as well as the political and social responses to these issues.

Shell has just updated its  Energy Scenarios to 2050, first published in 2008, and still sees that the “Three Hard Truths” remain:

1)      Surging energy demand

2)      Supplies struggling to keep up

3)      Increasing stresses on our environment

It offers 2 possible scenarios for the future – “Scramble”, where decisions are taken reactively and the consequences faced; and “Blueprints”, where the tough decisions are taken to allow a planned response.  Unsurprisingly, Shell believes the second scenario offers the best solution – but can this really happen?

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