I am a huge fan of Seth Godin, and subscribe to his daily insights blog and emails. So many of his daily nuggets are pure gold, and I find myself wanting to share them (I do this through Twitter @workforcetrends or my Speaker Profile Facebook page if you’d like to subscribe) and write blogs of my own based on them. But time is not kind to me.

So, instead of adding my own insights to Seth’s nuggets, here are four of my most favourite recent blog entries from him:

  • Organized Bravery – most organizations institutionalize cowardice
  • Avoiding false metrics – make sure you’re measuring the things that make a difference to what you’re really trying to achieve
  • Free samples – when it’s right and when it’s wrong to give – and take – a free sample (hint: the rules are different in the physical and digital worlds)
  • Bandits and philanthropists – Both have been around forever, but the web magnifies the edges and brings these two opposite extremes into focus (take away: don’t be be a bandit)


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