My colleague, Mike Saunders, had a baby yesterday (technically, it was his wife, but you wouldn’t know it from his reporting of the event 🙂 ). Congratulation, Mike. Here’s a quick thought for him as he makes a very important early parenting decision.

Dear Mike,

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. You’ve probably already made this decision, but you have a few days before it becomes official, so I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion about the name of your new child. Simple, really: make it unique.

In the Internet age, a unique name is a HUGE advantage. You should know. Are you “Mike Saunders“, the rock critic and the singer of the Californian punk band Angry Samoans? No. You must be one of the 26 professionals called Michael Saunders on LinkedIn? But which one?

So, as a digitally savvy, new world of work enabled Dad, please do your homework before choosing a name for your new son. A quick search tells me you shouldn’t choose Floyd, Steve, David, or… well you get the point.

Really, a unique name that cannot be confused with someone else, is a real and genuine asset in our connected world.

Parents, take note: the name you give your child makes more of a difference now than it ever has.

Just one of many significant – and NEW – parenting decisions you need to know about.

All the best, from (the one and only) Graeme Codrington (not the Graham Codrington who works in England in the insurance industry ).

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