Updated on 25 April 2012.

South Africa has a long history of clever TV advertising, with some outstanding brands and campaigns. Probably the stand out brand, though, is Nando’s, the chicken restaurant, who have a reputation for pushing the boundaries (sometimes too far).

Recently, Nando’s spoofed one of South Africa’s oldest and most conservative insurance companies’ TV adverts. Just yesterday, Santam hit back with a very clever, superbly positioned advert that links the two brands together and has a lot of fun at the same time. I can’t wait to see how Nando’s responds – because they definitely will.

In the process, both these brands are demonstrating huge public appeal, wonderful personality, a lot of fun, and are gaining great brand recognition and value. This is everything that advertising can be in a new world where conversation, community, engagement, interaction and fun are all taken for granted by the younger generation. To follow the whole story watch the videos below in order:

1. Santam released their Real McCoy ad (“Its easy to miss things right in front of you”)

2. Nando’s spoofed it

3. Santam releases “Back at Ya” ad, and lays down the gauntlet… deliver or “Are you Chicken?”

As expected, Nando’s responded by delivering on the challenge – but upped the ante. They will not just deliver meals for the Johannesburg Children’s Home once this week, but also once every month for a full year. Well done to them. Read the story here.

And here is the advert:

By the way, the cost of delivering this food will come to about R 60,000. The price of the advertising and exposure they’re getting from this must be at least 20 times that – except they’re getting it all for free.

Nice work, everyone involved in this! Nando’s and Santam, take a bow.

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