The global economy is set to quadruple over the next 30 years as the impact of burgeoning cities is felt on the global economy. Most of this growth will come from cities in the BRICS nations. Are you ready for the next economic boom?

Here are some headline facts:

  • The top 100 cities will account for 35% of global growth
  • The top 600 cities will account for 61% of global growth
  • The top 2000 cities will account for 74% of global growth
  • Growth in Megacities is slowing allowing for midsize cities to catch up. This changes dramatically where your products need to be if you want to ride the next wave of growth.
  • Emerging market cities in the top 600 will account for 45% of future global growth
  • Compared to only 16% of future growth coming from top 600 cities found in developed economies
  • The city 600 populations will grow at a rate of 60% faster than global world population
  • By 2025 the emerging markets will have more middle income households (with incomes above $20,000) than will developed economies

It is clear that the world is being turned upside down with economic power moving south, distinctly east and rapidly towards cities.

What are your views on the future of cities? Is your company adjusting its strategies to capitalize on this next economic boom? TomorrowToday has the expertise to help you understand these changes. Contact James Dunne to discuss your requirements.

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