Google+ is taking the world by storm and just may become the social network with enough clout to give Facebook a run for its money. After joining Google+ a few months ago (you can see my profile here) I have had various conversations with social media peers and everyone seems to have differing views on whether Google+ is worth investing your marketing time in. This has caused me to do a fair amount of research and to once again present my own view point. There are three reasons why you should be seriously looking at creating a Google+ Profile

SEO Benefit

This is by far the main benefit. SEOMoz, a respected international search engine optimisation firm have run multiple tests and have found that companies with Google+ profiles are being prioritised inn search engines based on their social connection with the searcher. This means that your company can getter better search engine exposure simply by creating a good Google+ page. SEOMoz created a great video to explain this in more detail if you would like to know more.

Google+ is full of influencers

A big part of social media marketing is building relationships with key influencers in your marketplace who have the Internet savvy to take your brand to his or her networks (and hopefully viral). Google+ is full of (over 100 million) people who are early adopters of social media technology and who have extensive networks, followers and fans. Due to the fact that Google+ is not too saturated with many people yet it provides a great opportunity to find those key influencers who can take your message to their networks on other popular platforms as well.

It’s always good to be the first

Getting into something first always presents an opportunity to capture a marketplace before your competitors. Providing an excellent competitive advantage. We would recommend getting into Google+ early in order to build good, engaging and trusted networks for your industry before your competition

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