… I decided to Blog about love as a kind of ode to love, which I think in our fast-pace ever-changing world of chaos is all too easily overlooked.

Do you believe in love? Do you believe in true love? Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in ever-lasting love? Love changes and morphs with time, it deepens with familuarity, it fragments and becomes fragile with distance and drives people more than anything else to be daring. People have done extraordinary things (both positive and negative) because of love, for love and inspite of love. Love is compelling and constrictive. Love is riviting and revealing. Love is enthralling and enticing. Real love is entirely forgiving and selfless and patient.

Despite our ability to overlook love, or take love for granted or become mis-trusting or afraid of love, ironically I think our need to love and be loved and experience love and give love is the one thing almost every single one of us 9 billion people on the planet have in common. Otherwise why would there be so much time and effort devoted to the concept in the form of songs, poetry, theatre and ballet productions, multi-million dollar films produced, books; and of course our own stories of love that we pass down from generation to generation or document in journals?

Love can take many forms. In the celtic gaelic language and in greek, for example, there are so many words for love, which describe the nuances and subtilties love provides. There is romantic love, parental love, platonic love, love between friends, love that turns into affection or protection, fiery love, gentle love, passionate love, unrequited love, love between humans and animals, love for a place or a moment, love of a memory, love between animals, love for inannimate objects and of course love of experiences. Love is such a real emotion and yet such an illusive concept.

Of course there are lots of lessons for us to learn from the many tales told in literature about love. My favourites include many from anceint times, like the story of Paris and Helen (of Troy); Odysseus and Penelope, Anthony and Cleopatra, Tristan and Isolde; and of course the iconic Romeo and Juliet. It just shows love is timeless and universal.

So in your busy world, take some time out to contemplate what love means to you. Think about the loved ones in your life (not just your romantic partner). Do you know what their love language is? Have you loved your pet lately; and most importantly have you reflected on how much you love yourself?

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