To celebrate their 10th birthday, the Institute of Leadership and Management undertook a research project to understand how the role of the Manager has changed since 2001. Read the detailed research findings here.

Enthusiastic as we are at TomorrowToday about all things new, the results were not as uplifting as we might have hoped! Ten years is a long time to have the best recollection, but nonetheless, with two-thirds of managers reporting higher workloads and half admitting to being more stressed, it’s a strong reflection not only of the economic climate but also of a pressing need for change. Nearly a third wished mobile phones had never been invented, which surely represents a tragic misuse of the amazing technology that is now available to us. We can’t ‘uninvent’ – nor should we want to – but with the help of Generation Y and Z, we must grasp the opportunity to harness technology to our benefit in the New World of Work.

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