Over the years TomorrowToday has had the opportunity – the privilege, to be involved in educating educators.  This has been both in South Africa as well as internationally.  For the past three years TomorrowToday, in partnership with Varsity College and the Principals Institute, has facilitated workshops aimed specifically at educators throughout South Africa. “It is something that is close to our hearts” is how founding partner, Keith Coats puts it. “When it comes to our shared future as a society and as a nation, I don’t think there can be a more important investment than that of the education of our children. This is where our future starts – what we do in the here and now with our young people,” adds Keith.

Based on our experience TomorrowToday have structured a workshop designed as a think-tank to help educators think strategically in three critical areas: their particular educational / school context, technology, and Gen Y. The workshop is designed to frame the key questions in each of these vital areas thereby providing a springboard in exploring practical solutions. It is aimed at inviting the right kind of conversations that will assist the participants find constructive pathways forward in all these important areas. “In my experience there is a unique kind of pressure on educators and creating the opportunity to step back and think strategically about their context, is often lacking. We would hope that our international experience and subject expertise will prove helpful in assisting schools think more strategically about their future.  As in most organizations, the answers are there…we just need to be allowed to think creatively and ask the right questions” suggests Keith.

TomorrowToday will offer this workshop at a 50% discount from our normal fees. This we hope will allow more schools to participate. It would possible for several schools to combine to host the workshop thereby sharing the costs. The participation can then be generic (with the obvious benefits that this creates) or specific to each school present. It is suitable for the entire staff or just a select group within a school (management team, governing body etc…). Rethinking the Future of Education workshops are designed as half-day interventions but are adaptable to suit specific needs or constraints.

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