Thanks to Brainpickings for this find.

In an excellent and inventive book, “344 Questions: The Creative Person’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival, and Artistic Fulfillment” designer Stefan G. Bucher presents a compendium of flowcharts and lists to help you figure out life’s big answers (buy it The author himself says: “There are many great how-to books and biographies out there, and even more gorgeous collections of current and classic work to awe and inspire. But looking at catalogs of artistic success won’t make you a better artist any more than looking at photos of healthy people will cure your cold. You’ve got to take action!” Good point.

One set of questions caught my attention immediately. It’s about how you approach your own continued education and development, and some key questions to ask yourself to ensure it’s happening well. I like these. Take some time to consider your answers:

  • How are you educating yourself?
  • What price are you paying for your education?
  • How do you choose your teachers?
  • Are you intimidated by your fellow students?
  • Why the hell not?
  • Where will you find people that intimidate you?
  • or would you rather that people are intimidated by you?
  • What would you learn from that?

I’d add just two more questions near the start of this list: What you learnt, UNlearnt and RElearnt over the last year? What do you need to learn, UNlearn and RElearn in the year ahead?

Seriously, pause now for a moment of reflection, and actually answer these questions for yourself.

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