Keegan and Tamryn are playing in the bedroom. I am within earshot and party to the following conversation which has to do with Keegan asking for a turn at whatever it is that Tamryn is doing.

‘What does God say?’ came Tamryn’s response.

‘To me or in the Bible?’ asks Keegan.

‘In the Bible,’ replies Tamryn, obviously not willing to trust her brother’s personal revelations or status as one who speaks with God.

‘God says,’ responds our minor prophet, ‘you must not fight with people and that you must give your brother a turn.’

‘Oh,’ is all I hear of Tamryn’s response but from the silence that follows I gather that she is fully persuaded about the authenticity of the message and her brother’s role as the conduit.

Having a kid who talks with God and through whom God talks can be a tough business. Having a boss who thinks the same can be even tougher.

Gone are the days when CEOs get to play God.

And now could someone please tell them that?

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