It’s not often that one gets to auction off one’s colleague, but last week Barrie Bramley was put up for auction on  The Bid or Buy Celebrities for Charities Auction, which ran from the 18th – 28th July, coinciding nicely with Mandela week.

Not only has Barrie now committed to his 67 minutes for Mandela Day (in fact we auctioned off a 90 minute keynote presentation), but we’ve also helped The Lonely Road Foundation – a charity  ‘aiming to bring life, hope and opportunity to underprivileged communities in South Africa’.

The closing bid for Barrie’s keynote presentation as an auction item was for an amount of R3 010, and yes, for our clients, you know what a steal that is… There was quite a bidding war in the last few minutes for his bid, which pushed the price up nicely though, which we were obviously pleased to hear. A total of R5 811 was raised for this charity, between 4 auction items (there were a number of different charities all with their individual auction items ranging from television presenters, sports personalities, and other high profile personalities)

We do look forward to hopefully being involved again next year, and hope that corporates will be made more aware of this wonderful initiative, as really, everyone can benefit from this – a presentation at far less than our normal price (hopefully next year we’ll increase the winning bid amount!), a well deserving charity who is a beneficiary of this event, and Barrie being able to complete his 67 minutes doing what he loves doing!

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