I came across this excellent infographic that encapsulates the differences between Facebook, Twitter and Google+ it was developed by Stefano Epifani and neatly and succinctly illustrates the differences between the three social networking models.

What intrigues me is how so many of  today’s “new world of work” businesses (many we had not even heard of 5 years ago) are all basing their business models on what we call eco-community models – building platforms around which communities can develop and thrive. As the communities become more established so does the business and the business model. We see this model in nature as well, coral reefs being one of the best platform-based community ecosystems. I talk about these business models and ecosystems in my presentation Brave New World and you can read more about new network structures and alliance games here Network communitiy based business models, we believe, are the way of the future. One of the reasons for this is because they are integral to Creating Shared Value (CSV). Read more about CSV in a thought provoking article by Michael Porter in the Harvard Business Review written earlier this year.

Together CSV and eco-community business models are reshaping how business is done today and in the future

Enjoy the infographic and let me know your thoughts

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