Retaining talent has always been an interesting challenge in business. This infographic about the Technology Industry showed this very cleary, albeit not what the graphic was initialy created for.

Take a careful look and see that most of the top new technology companies were founded by key people inside the bigger technollogy companies. What would Microsoft shares look like if it actually owned the companies that were started by past employees? How would Google look if it owned Foursquare, Twitter and Instagram?

This talent challege that TomorrowToday has been looking at in detail over the past few years. The training divison has two training programmes that helps businesses get a grip on these “talented individuals” and create an environment that brings the best out of them within the walls of the comapny they work for.

The two programmes are ideas and innovation and Mentor and Mentee. The first looks into becoming aware of why innovation is an imperative and an on-going process in the new world of work and  creating and environment where innovative ideas can flourish and be appreciated.

The Mentor and Mentee programme is a personal favourite that helps business couple the experience of older generations in business with the younger generations knowledge of the new world of work. I like this programme because it is one of the most effective ways that business can adopt social media strategies onto their organisations.

We hope you enjoy the inforgraphic


Infographic design by Nick Sigler


TomorrowToday Global