I am profoundly struck by the urgency for us to elevate our mindfulness. Regardless of what you do or what your interests are, we all need unimaginable clarity. If we allow technology to understand how our minds work better than we know our own minds then we are empowering technology to shape us rather than the other way around.

Eli Pariser’s RSA video about The Filter Bubble and how the hidden web is shaping our lives, is provocative and enlightening. Essentially Eli is saying that the gorillas of the web (ie. Facebook and Google) are interpreting our actions to shape our radars. Personalization has become highly intelligent and while that can be very useful with appropriate context and more importantly transparency and choice, without transparency and choice it narrows our viewpoint and exposure to the broader perspective. This has enormous impact on our ability to evolve and learn, left as it is, it will inevitably strengthen our biases and predictability and narrow our minds and appetite for meaningful change.

We need to collaborate as a community creating an awareness and more importantly creating action to harness the benefits and mitigate the negative impact of the invisible intelligence shaping our world.

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