This is a formal and public apology to Chris Anderson.┬áChris has a sense of humour, and I got caught out.┬áChris is one of the main drivers behind TED, and he’s also a co-author of The Email Charter.

A week or so ago I followed a link to The Email Charter,

The Email Charter was created in response to widespread acknowledgement that email is getting out of hand for many people. It started life as a blog post by TED Curator Chris Anderson and TED Scribe Jane Wulf. The idea struck a chord. More than 45,000 people read the post and and it generated hundreds of tweets, comments and suggestions. That is how the final Charter was shaped.

and posted this Tweet….


I love clever people, and I discovered Chris is doubly clever, much to my embarrassment. Firstly, he or a very fancy system are tracking tweets, because he responded to my Tweet, asking me to go and click the link I whined about in my tweet. I did and found that the link they ask you to click to join their mailing list (it has a warning that says ‘Don’t Click This’) returns the following….


A big apology to you Chris. You got me. I hate clever people : )

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