Organic food is the fastest growing sector in the food marketplace, growing at a rate of 17-20% per year versus 2-3% for conventional foods.  The demand for authentic food has been on the rise for many years primarily driven by growing concerns for personal well being and the environment.  The long term environmental and health affects of our fast food culture motivated this change.  This despite the cost of organic food being 10-40% higher than conventional alternatives.

The organic food movement has matured and expanded far beyond food, its now about organic living, you can see this reflected in art, architecture, design and lifestyles broadly.  Even our business community is going organic; the demand for authentic products and services is growing, primarily driven by concerns over the compromised ethics and economics we’ve seen take front and center stage over the past decade.  The focus is now on creating thicker value derived from the basics, the people (customer experience, employee experience and our communities).  The long term affects of our obsessions with quarterly results are finally motivating this change.  And just as we have seen with organic food, we are willing to pay more for thicker value in our products and services.

Appreciating the basics, the authentic core elements, applies to all of our thoughts, actions and consumptions.   Try rethinking some of your business and personal strategies through this powerful lens.

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