UK Indie Rock band, The Kaiser Chiefs, have taken a step up in the social business world with their latest album, The Future is Medieval.

They’ve made twenty tracks available to their fans. You listen to the tracks and select ten of them, and order them, for your own customised album. You then design a cover for your album. You pay £ 7.50 and download this for yourself. But your album is also added to their online store. Anyone else coming to the website can simply choose to download your version of the album – and each time they do, you get paid £ 1.00.

It’s elegant, simple, fun, and has all the elements of a good social entertainment business. And, for an industry in deep trouble, it’s at least attempting to be innovate, gain attention and actually sell something.

Well done to the Kaiser Chiefs for doing this. Now, I’m off to their website to create my own album… and possibly my destiny as a music promoter too!

TomorrowToday Global