Script 3… The recent recession and financial crisis has been more than just an economic downturn, but a tipping point between the old and the new world of work. There is no going back and different times require a different script. This week a new post each day will reveal five components of this new script. Here is number three:

Cultivate communities

Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, iTunes, Wikipedia,, YouTube, Groupon all follow a similar business model. They are creating platforms around which communities can connect, flourish, interact, co-create and collaborate. These “new world” companies, many unheard of five to ten years ago, now provide platforms around which powerful communities emerge.

Nature has long since demonstrated the power of community-collaborative ecosystems. From coral reef communities, to bees, birds, ants and wildebeest, it’s not the strongest of the species that survive and grow, nor the most intelligent but those that build and cultivate collaborate communities.

Watch this amazing and acrobatic display of starlings collaborating in a manner that helps them avoid predators and keep warm to survive cold winter nights.

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