The New World of Work. You can’t go a week reading this Blog without reading the phrase once, twice and even thirty seven times. It’s what we do at TomorrowToday. It’s what we’re about. We eat, read, sleep and do our best to capture and communicate all about the New World of Work.

This week (tomorrow) we have an iPad for Business Course. We’re running it for two reasons:

  • We meet people all the time who are buying iPads and haven’t got people in their world who can help them realise the amazing potential that sits within them. So the course meets a need.
  • More importantly, we see the iPad as part of the New World of Work!

Not that you can’t enter the New World of Work without one, but they certainly are an indication of the journey we’re taking in our personal and business worlds. Laptops have become to large and cumbersome, and phones just don’t do as much as we need. The iPad is somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t replace either one, but it’s a great combination.

But forget the beauty of the device. What interests me is what it allows us to do. Hundreds of apps floating around waiting to change my world. Enabling me to do things faster, smarter, and even allowing me to do things I couldn’t previously do.

In September we’re going to be running a full day dedicated to the New World of Work. Specifically attempting to practically showcase the New World of Work. We talk so often about it. We write up so many examples and case studies. We figured it’s time to assemble real people, in real companies, doing real business, who are showing signs of a new way of approaching the way they work.

If you’d like to receive updated information about this, please drop a mail to Kelly Boshard.

And if you think you’ve seen a glimpse of the future in a company you’ve come across, please comment below. We’d love to connect with them. We want to make sure we’ve got the best possible people assembled on that day.


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