This podcast is expanding on our previous discussion on Customer Experience Driving Profits with Purpose. We need to continue to examine the impact the creating shared value movement offers those of us that are helping shape customer experience transformations.  One of the biggest struggles for the Customer Experience Management community has been to demonstrate and measure tangible value.  Many skeptics are discouraged by the extensive intangible evidence used to promote the value of customer experience strategies.  While creating shared value also has oodles of intangible benefits, those that have pioneered this movement have put the emphasis on measuring the extensive tangible benefits and many of them are relevant to customer experience measures.  This Nestle Shared Value Update for 2010 is a brilliant illustrates of this.

Another compelling reason this movement is relevant to customer experience is the impact creating shared value has on behavioural economics.  Unquestionably consumers will remember and build loyalties for companies that ensure their profits have purpose and support their communities.  What better way to authentically touch the hearts of your customers and employees.  I cannot think of a more powerful way to build trust.

Regardless of whether you chose to harness social progress to create profits, you can use the principles of creating shared value as a metaphor.  We can ask ourselves how can we enhance profits by offering valuable customer experiences? Rather than today where we more commonly ask, how can we enhance customer experiences with minimal costs?  This flip in mindset will be sure to spark fresh innovation.

Curious to learn more about how to get started with creating shared value?

Clearly I believe we are ready for this, do you?


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