TomorrowToday went to work without shoes yesterday in support of the one day without shoes campaign. An incredible exerience that opened our eyes to what its like to live “out of our shoes” and experience life a different way. One day without shoes is a fantastic initiative and we wish Tom Shoes all the best in spreading this campaign further around the world.

I was pleased to see how social media was again used to get a movement off the ground. In fact, the one day without shoes campaign was designed around the sharing nature of social media.

The campaign gave out free posters, website banners and other promotional tools that people could use to promote the concept to others. This material made it so simple to create awareness. I, for one, used this marketing material in a presentation I gave yesterday to explain to the audience why I was barefoot for the day. The response was great as the audience were then encouraged to support the cause by “going barefoot” through the presentation.

In addition to the free marketing material, people (fans of one day without shoes) shared their experience with others as they changed their profile pictures on facebook, skype and twitter. This buzz attributed the following comment from a friend of mine:

I have no idea what this is about but I want to find out because it look awesome

This campaign worked so well because it strummed a chord in the hearts of people. Helping others get shoes on their feet. A simple solution to a complex problem.

Here are 3 things about social media campaigns that we can learn

  1. Equip the influencers in this world with resources to share your campaign with the world
  2. Design your campaign around people’s values instead of company values
  3. Revolve your campaign around an event

Here is a video jornal of my barefoot experience.

PS: this was shot, edited and uploaded on a mobile phone

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