We are living, working and playing in a period of history that will have as far-reaching an impact as the Industrial Revolution. We are only just beginning to grasp the realities of this brave new world and much of it is still unclear.

The Great Recession and financial crisis was not simply economic turbulence, but represents a tipping point between the old ways and the new ways of work. We’ve never been here before.

The revolution is far reaching. Every industry and every part of business will be impacted. This is a great adventure, there are unparalleled opportunities but also unprecedented uncertainty, carrying equal amounts of hope and fear. Smart people working in talented companies have never before had the opportunities they have today to create their own futures. The new generation of leaders and businesses need a community to lead the charge for change.

We want to proactively contribute to building a tribe of people with outstanding minds who are brave enough to challenge and change the way businesses do things.

We invite you to join us on our quest.

Here’s what we’ve set out to do:

  • Be “thought-provocateurs” – start conversations, stimulate debates, provoke arguments and enjoy healthy tension!
  • Identify the inspirational innovators and idea merchants leading the business revolution.
  • Unpack business models, industries and businesses to identify why some are flying high and why others are crashing.
  • Identify the values of the revolution and the people who are building companies that embody them.
  • Create a shared vocabulary of the revolution that captures and expresses common experiences and ideas changing the world.
  • Accurately, honestly and entertainingly communicate all of the above!

We want to connect with the new breed of leaders who recognised that business needs to change. We want to share ideas and grow a community that is passionate about the changing world of work.


TomorrowToday Global