Today saw the release of another new iPhone app. I wouldn’t normally comment on such a thing, but this one has captured my imagination, and seems to take collaboration / crowdsourcing to a whole new level. It certainly is a very tangible example of the fact that today’s young people have very little problem sharing information and data that older generations might consider to be very private.

Color is an app that allows you to share photos, video and other multimedia with anyone within about 50m of your smart phone. It is designed for people who are all attending the same event to be able to see each other’s photos and videos – and keep them as a memory of the experience. You cannot restrict it to only your friends – once you’re using Color at an event, anyone else also doing so will share pictures and videos with you.

You can see a video overview below:

Color Demo from Color Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.

This takes the sharing of information associated with social media to a whole new level. I am sure this will become a favourite soon.

If you want to see a really great short talk on why sharing photos is important, and what it tells us about the future, then you can do no better than Blaise Aguera y Arcas TED talk in which he demo’ed a Microsoft product, Photosynth: Watch it here or below:

Download the Color app from the iTunes store here or for Android here.

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