Banks are often too traditional and conservative, restricted by legacy beliefs around risk, procedures and past ways of doing things that have become ingrained in the shrine of banking culture.

This restricts innovation.

Not so with Chase a Bank that has embraced new social media and mobile technologies to take the experience and future of banking to a completely new level and bring mobile banking to it’s customers at an unprecedented level.

Using a smart phone App Chase Bank has brought the branch to the customer. But this is not ordinary banking App that allows you to check your balance or make transfers

No, with the Chase Mobile banking App you can even deposit cheques without having to go into a branch! Watch the video below to see how or visit Chase Bank’s website.

This revolutionised banking creates an quantum leap shift in customer retail banking experience and gets my thumbs up! Come on UK banks, time to play catch up.

Watch the video below and visit Chase Bank for more videos of the various mobile applications:

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