Most of us will have seen an advert, a TV programme or read an article with a web address which we wanted to visit, but then forgot the web address or just never got around to it because we are too busy. Now there is an App that makes linking real life content with the digital world easy and simple.

Microsoft has come up with a genius solution and best of all it’s convenient and works seamlessly. It’s based on the concept of barcodes scanning which people are familiar with.

Microsoft Tag allows you to Connect Real Life and the Digital World effortlessly and seamlessly. All you need is a smart phone and the Microsoft Tag App (which is free and can be downloaded off iTunes Apps store) Scan Tags from your mobile phone using the TAG READER for instant access to information, websites, videos, reviews, and more.

This is definitely a fantastic application and very soon all clever marketers will be using TAGs on all their marketing material.

Download this app. It is great, works well and for now it’s free.

The future of marketing is here.

If you already have TAG Reader on your smart phone then scan this tag and it will take you to Microsoft’s Tag Reader website and you can learn more about how this tag can help you connect with your customers

You can watch a youtube video on how to use TAG Reader here:

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