I’m becoming obsessed with cross-fertilizing brilliant ideas.  There are so many clever ideas, concepts, solutions and people in our magnificent world but on their own they seem to yield very little impact.  In order to solve the complex, persistent problems of today we need to cross-fertilize and mass collaborate.

After watching Hans Rosling’s keynote from the 8th annual Passport to Global Health Celebration I was struck by how pervasive some of our false beliefs are.  This may be the most powerful proof that the world is now one, this is not theoretical, it is fact, it is not “we” and “them”, it is all “we” now.  The concept of having two types of countries; the “west” and the “developing world” is past, such was the case 50 years ago, but not today.  This is what is fundamentally driving our Shared Value movement.  We are all on the same team now and if we act like it, we can solve the seemingly unsolvable.

There is no industry more in need of a shared value approach then Health Care.  The Health Care business community has been trying to address the same problems for decades with minimal results and colossal costs.  However, if we merge, blend and join together the  enormous amounts of brilliant discoveries, ideas, and solutions we can finally make some meaningful changes.  Key to our success is accurate context of our current environment;  Hans Rosling’s discovery is a powerful illustration of how false beliefs can distort global strategies.  We need to further explore the Joy of Stats to modernize our perspectives.  Without this, our Shared Value movement is at great risk of misfiring.

As I reflect on problems large and small with a cross-fertilized approach, leveraging the genius of the principles of the Shared Value movement and Motivational Design in context of a fact based world view that everyone understands, the clarity is extraordinary.

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