We benefit from looking at things differently. Sometimes that requires stepping back and looking not at the “what” or “how” but the “why”.

Why do something that way? Do you ever wonder why your company (or a competitor) does things the way they are done? Is it good business or just legacy…

In one of my favourite movies, Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams jumps upon his classroom table and reminds his students that “they must constantly look at things in a different way” (watch the video from 1:30).

We can all benefit from being “Thought-provocateurs”

Mash it up. Stand on tables. Do headstands. Take work to the park – say no to the office today. Speak to customers, suppliers and front-line staff.

Collaborate and partner with professional Thought-Provocateurs to question and challenge what you do.

Start conversations, stimulate debates, provoke arguments, create healthy tension and create a shared vocabulary that captures and expresses common experiences and revolutionary ideas changing the world.

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