I am preparing a one day workshop on the use of social media in companies. The workshop itself is called “Beyond the Hype” and helps clients in small, medium and large organisations to use social media to “Connect, Engage, and Transform Your Business”.

In doing some additional research for a section on how to put together a meaningful social media policy, I found this website: http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php

It currently provides links to 163 corporate and organisational social media policies from all around the world and across multiple sectors and industries. A great resource!

Ut’s amazing to me how much diversity there is in these policies. Some are so restrictive they could only have been written by lawyers who’ve never used Twitter. Others provide mere guidelines, with no policy guidelines at all. I like Daimler’s myself.

You might also be interested in a well written analysis of IBM’s approach to social media. It seems they’re doing something very right.

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