It appears that sleep is essential for a well performing workforce. And yet how many of us drive ourselves and are driven by our bosses to work long hours into the night or to wake up early? Fast Company has a brilliant infographic on the benefits of sleep – the benefits for business are obvious too and more companies need to insist on “lie-in days” and afternoon “naps”

You can read the Fast Comapny post below or visit Fast Company

How many times have you told yourself (especially when you’re up at 2 a.m. on a Sunday night): “Eh, it’s just sleep.” Is it just sleep, though? What happens to your health when you’re not sleeping enough?

This infographic designed by FFunction for Zeo, a company that makes an electronic “sleep coach,” is less of a real data visualization than a set of illustrated facts. But the facts are pretty gobsmacking. For example, we, as a nation, seem pretty tired all the time: Only 7% of people get eight hours of sleep a night. But the effects of this might be calamitous: Getting less sleep is associated with a 200% rise in cancer, a 100% rise in heart disease, and a 20% rise in the likelihood you’ll be dead in 20 years. Not only will you be less healthy, you’ll be fatter. People who sleep an hour more each day lose 14.3 pounds per year. (?!!). And 1 in 3 women find themselves too sleepy for sex:

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