In the old world of work, company executives spent hours, days and months agonising over vision, mission, values and purpose. The idea of having a vision is a good one. But the exercise of corporate vision has become an academic exercise with a main purpose of filling the glossy pages of financial statements. Most vision statements look something like this:

“To make, distribute and sell the finest quality product with a continued commitment to profit maximisation incorporating excellence and efficiencies in everyth…blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”

This style of statement may sound good to shareholders, but it’s never going to win the heart and soul of today’s new customers and employees. They want something meaningful for them. They want to know that the long and valuable hours that they dedicate to work actually makes a difference. They want to know that the company they work for is on a quest to make a difference and that they are key to achieving this quest and that collectively with their colleagues they are all intgral and important components in achieving the quest.

Quests can be long term or short term in nature. The can be strategic or tactical.

Quests are an adventure, a destination

Quests capture the imagination and energy of people around you. We are inspired by people who are on quests

The greatest explorers, adventurers and entrepreneurs succeeded because they were on a quest.

Apple is on a quest. Google is on a quest. Zappos is on a quest. What is your companies quest? your division’s quest? your department’s quest? your team’s quest? your project’s quest? your very own personal quest?

Go ahead create a quest and get people excited about achieving your vision

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