Social technologies like twitter, foursquare, MXit, facebook and BBM represent the communication shift from physical to digital. Although this is becoming a well known fact most people are unsure where they stand and how this communication will affect their business.

Most business are completely reliant on strong sales teams who are well equipped with product knowledge and sales resources.
Going into the future I believe that one of those resources is a strong understanding of social media. Let’s get into why:

Social Media in Sales StrategySales is ALL about clear communication

Sales people need to clearly and precisely explain the features, benefits and virtues of a product. More than this they need to explain this in a way that is appreciated by the consumer. Social media will open you up to the communication channel that many young millennial people appreciate.

About a year ago I helped a client take their education product into the world of social media. The client experiences a revolt inside the company as people rejected the idea of ‘getting social’. The results however were outstanding.

Once the sales team was trained and equipped with the tools to communicate effectively we a launched the Facebook page. Within a few days potential students started commenting on the page with questions about the institution. We were quickly able to respond with the sales team and turned over R 250 000, 00 inside six weeks.

This success simply came from the mindset of meeting your market where they are and the tactic of getting ‘trained up!’

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