Are you the best in your industry at the things that matter most to your customers, partners and staff? Have you benchmarked yourself against your competitors with the aim of leading the pack? This may sound like a lofty grand goal, and when you achieve it you may want to stop and pat yourself on the back. But look around and you may discover that all you are is the tallest amongst dwarfs.

Too many companies set goals to be the best in their sector or industry. Are you the bank that delivers the best service to its customers, relative to other banks? Does this make you great? Do you genuinely delight your customers and staff or are they just “delighted” relative to their low expectation and experiences with others in your industry?

When you set grand goals, identify and focus your sights on the giants who are clearly visible. Those companies who everyone admires and recognises as leaders. Find out who are the leaders in what you are measuring and want to achieve. Strive to join them. Observe what they do, talk to these giants, associate yourself with them, spend time in their presence. Ask them questions and invite them to comment on what you do.

It’s easy to set yourself goals that make you the tallest amongst dwarfs, when what your customers, staff and partners really want is for you to be is a giant.

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