I’ve just had to update my profile on the new TomorrowToday website as my role within the company is changing from a client manager / sales position to an operational one.

As I was updating my profile I realized that I’m coming up for 3 years working with TomorrowToday.  If any of our readers have heard Barrie presenting on ‘Talent” you’ll know he talks to companies generally not being able to hold on to Generation X for more than 2 to 3 years before they move on – not because they’re unhappy, but because that’s what us Gen Xers do.

We also know that just because a Gen X has had a very successful 2 years in your marketing department, but that this doesn’t mean that they’ll stick with marketing as a career path – in fact chances are their next position will be completely unrelated and you’ll find them in the IT department, as the social media consultant or the heading up a call centre in India next.

In his presentation, Barrie goes on to suggest that because you are armed with this information on Gen X’s behaviour that one suggestion is for companies to rather create a position within their company for the Gen X who would be moving on looking for a new adventure regardless.

So… I’m wondering whether the fact that I’m a Gen X and that I’ve been with TomorrowToday for almost 3 years has got anything to do with a new position being created for me? Have they just talent managed me without me even realizing. Just goes to show – whether it’s been a conscience decision or not – these guys don’t just talk the talk, but put into action their advice for other companies. Keeps me happy!

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