We had a team meeting of the UK and Europe team last Friday, and we were wondering what magazines and newspapers our clients and business partners regularly read. So, we thought we’d ask.

We have two reasons for asking. The first is because we do a lot of reading of magazines and newspapers and online blogs to gather all of the information we need to create these blog entries and to develop our views of the new world of work. We read the following fairly regularly:

  • Fast Company
  • The Economist
  • The Spectator
  • The FT
  • The second reason is that we are looking to kick off a media campaign in the new year, and wondered which magazines and newspapers (specifically in the UK and Europe) would be worth targeting for article placement. We definitely would target the following:

  • Management Today
  • Business Matters
  • Customer Strategy
  • Fresh Business Thinking (.com – web only, I think)
  • Marketing Week
  • We will want to reach those people in corporates who look after strategy, HR/people, customer experience, marketing and general management.

    Do you have any suggestions? What are people at your company reading regularly?

    TomorrowToday Global